How does OSPOCO help you?

OSPOCO is a new type of open source service provider

A new model for managing open source

OSPOCO is a unique hybrid organization that includes technical, legal, and community experts together in one package. When you become an OSPOCO client, you get both legal representation and technical/community consulting, paired together.

  • ☑ All interactions with OSPOCO are attorney-client privileged
  • ☑ Technical and community experts work hand-in-hand with dedicated open source legal counsel
  • ☑ Single point of contact - ready to take responsibility for anything you need

We fill in the missing pieces

To effectively handle open source, you need a team. But you may not need (or be able to afford) to keep all the different experts as employees. Whatever you need, we fill in. OSPOCO is:

  • ☑ On-demand
  • ☑ Scaled to needs – and no more
  • ☑ Available with a mix of resources – legal, technical, communications
  • ☑ Fixed-rate, dependent upon services and usage

The long term vision

We are there to empower and enable your organization to be safer, more effective, and more profitable through the use of open source. We help you:

  • ☑ Develop good open source habits and processes
  • ☑ Get visibility into your open source supply chain
  • ☑ Provide missing expertise needed to stay compliant at all times
  • ☑ Work toward frictionless compliance with the ISO standard for open source, OpenChain 2.1/ISO/IEC DIS 5230:2020(e)